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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

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"Agri Business"

4th International Fair For Agriculture, Reclamation and Animal Production

From 23-25th February 2020

Exhibitions Ground – Nasr City


Under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and upon the success of the fair in its previous three sessions in developing new vision contributing the achievement of desired objectives whether for the exhibitors or visitors, it leaves positive effect with all who are concerned with the agricultural aspect in Egypt. Therefore, Mr. Abdul Monem Al Bana, th Minister of Agriculture, has instructed to launch the fair in its third session and having vice-president of national service authority and deputy minister of agriculture in its second session ….. and the fair witnesses increasing growth for the exhibitors from 60 exhibiting companies in the first session to 80 companies in the second session and to 110 companies in the third session. We are looking forward to the participation of 150 agriculture companies in the fourth session. This fair is distinguished to offer integrated vision for agriculture and production activities including the sectors of animal, fish and export sectors and not only the activity of agriculture requirements. Also, the fair is organized at the beginning of summer agriculture season which make investors and producers are eager to this event for meeting requirements prior to the beginning of agriculture season. The main idea of the fair and conference is based upon the integration of the agriculture activity with the rest of economic and service activities which help to achieve the maximum rates of development based upon distinguished national initiatives currently launched by Mr. President of the Republic aiming at the acceleration of achievement and realizing the highest development return during the shortest possible period which contributes achieving tangible results for the service of youth and society cadres.

The fair adopts to promote the national projects in the field of the one and half million Feddans reclamation and the project of 100 thousand agricultural greenhouses, Fisheries Sector Development Project, One Million Cattle Breeding and Fattening. Also, the fair adopts the notion of expansion in the modern plants such Jojoba, Moringa, Jatropha and Stevia as well as new vision to expansion in the plants by which we can achieve the self-sufficiency and minimizing the importation such as corn, sugar products, oil crops and plants etc in addition to the reclamation of the desert and establishing new agriculture and urban societies in order to achieve true development for the Egyptian citizen.

Elements of integrated (logistic) agriculture system:-

Exhibition areas:

First: Agriculture sectors and its requirements

1-      Techniques of perfect usage for pesticides, chemical and biological fertilizers.

 2- Techniques of seeds, hybridization and genetic engineering as well as vegetable and fruit seedlings

3- Techniques of using the best ways for the sterilization of agricultural soil.

4- Techniques of intense agriculture without soil (Barley culture)

5- Techniques of using the used water treatment, irrigation methods and water rationalization.

6- Techniques of renewable energy (Wind and solar energy)

7- Techniques of water wells, sanitation water and re-usage of treated water in the untraditional agriculture. (Jojoba - Gitrova - Castor - Jazweta trees …)

8- Technology of equipment and agriculture machinery as well as agriculture requirements and its applications in the agriculture field.

Second:- Techniques of livestock, poultry, fisheries and re-usage of agriculture irrigation water and wastes in the following fields:-

1- Techniques of livestock, poultry and fisheries and the participation of authorities responsible for cows, livestock and global breeds such as Holstein and Brown breeds.

2- Techniques of the industry of fodder and seeds as well as its raw materials.

3- Techniques of re-using agriculture wastes and recycling it in the products of charcoal, manufactures woods, natural fertilizers and energy and gases generation.

Third: Techniques of food manufacturing of agriculture crops which are difficult to market directly:-

1- Whereas the lines of food manufacturing production, cooling and freezing some crops of vegetables with packaging and storage operations of the rest of agriculture crops which meet the difficulty of instant marketing.

Fourth:- Techniques of transporting, marketing and exporting:-