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Symptoms of major elements

 Symptoms of major elements





The most important functions and symptoms of the shortage of major components of fertilizer in agricultural crops



First: nitrogen element:




                      Essential for protein synthesis within the plant, as well as essential for shoot


Symptoms of deficiency


                       At least plant growth and pale in color. In the beginning the lower leaves color turns to green yellowish and constantly shortage turns each plant to pale green, and at least the size of leaflets and remain small fruits and dwarfed plants that the lack of nitrogen and are susceptible to rot gray (Alputrits) can also be infected Blvhp potatoes



Second: the element phosphorus:



              Basic domestic activity in the plant, where it is based on energy vehicles and activates physiological processes as well as rooting


Symptoms of deficiency


                   At least plant growth and have a high leg and at least the paper size and harassing and bend down at the tops of leaflets and have the upper surface of the paper and a bluish-green color of the bottom surface, including the veins have a violet color.




It plays a major role in the transfer of nutrients and increase crop quality and also has a role Tdeimy to increase the thickness of the walls and Tgannha.


Symptoms of deficiency

The color of the edges of the leaves yellow pale when growing shortage given spot dead around the edges of the structure in the yellow areas and at least plant growth and remain the leaves small and in the late stages spread yellowing and spotting the newest leaves and after severe yellowing and whirling old leaves fall and in the plant case, which gives the tubers or stored parts have the crop is very weak and small in size, as well as the small size of the fruit and the lack of quality.



Fourth: magnesium element:






It plays an important role in the construction of chlorophyll molecules and is considered an element activated for a number of enzymes and is essential for the production of energy (ATP) has an important role in the process of building proteins in the plant and stimulates the formation of plant hormones.


Symptoms of deficiency

The edges of the leaflets elderly start yellowing then spreads between the veins within reach paper remains the veins of green color and starts yellowing spreads from the base to the summit, have yellow spots consist turn out to be built between the veins in leaflets yellowed be plant growth and the size of an ordinary paper at the beginning and the neck is curved and the intensification older injury fall leaves and the whole plant turns the color to yellow note he enters in the formation of chlorophyll.


Fifth: Calcium:






It plays a major role in strengthening the root and build walls as strong as it has an important role in many enzymes within the plant activity and work balance inside and stimulates the ovaries during pollination and fertilization increases the proportion of the contract.


Symptoms of deficiency

Leaflets are deformed and wrapped up small in size and remain and die necks of the leaves from the top down and die developing summits At this stage yellowing between the veins and Tbakat yellow clouds at leaflets elderly these symptoms securities quickly Matamot shows and appear on the fruit rot Tip syphilis as in (tomato - pepper - squash - apples - bananas) and the roots grow slowly and less firmness, as well as the estimated storage have less and less old marketing and become sensitive to infection disease fruit rot.


Sixth: sulfur element:






It enters into a lot of sulfur amino acids and has a protective effect of indoor plants.


Enzymatically and facilities necessary in breathing and in that role in the coloring of fruits.

Symptoms of deficiency



Leg veins of leaves and petioles and leaflets changes color to violet shows yellowing at the top and the edges of the sheets of large securities as purple spots between the veins appear, small leaves become strong and bend down (this angle also occur as a result of a lack of nitrogen) and then yellow irregular patches appear on these papers .