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Agri Bussines


Solar Technology Systems – Solatech

Smart farm

Nile For Supplies

Company Profile: Bashayer ....... The first agricu

Knowledge Economy Foundation "Bashayer"

Egyptian Association for wooden trees and environm

Ministry of Agriculture General Administration of

Ahlia Company for agricultural supplies and produc

Eng. Ahmed Younis For Barley Cultivation

Nefertari Biomagnetic "Nefertari for salt water fa

Dream Factory


Lunar nurseries

Desert Research Center

Mohamed Zaki Agricultural Supplies

Chemical Trading & Marketing

Future Modern

Einshams for agricultural development

Semady Global for Agricultural trading and fertil

El Gamal International Trade Co.

Smart farm

Delta Water for magnetic water treatment


Tal El Zohour Industrial For Plastic Products

Baraka To produce compost

Haggan Group

Nawras Drip For Advanced Irrigation Systems

Eng. Mansy company for Engineering Industries and

Egyptian saudian Co. for organic& chemical agricul

Agricultural Bank of Egypt

Abu Zaabal Specialty Chemicals

Arab Trading Company

Technical Center for Manufacturing (centech)

Agrico International

Kafr El Zayyat Pesticides Company


Alnhr Alkhaled for Agriculture Development Import


Al Ahram Drib For Modern Irrigation Systems


Agri-Business Agriculture & Reclamation Expo

Agri-Business Agriculture & Reclamation

Integrated System of Agriculture “Logistics”

April 13-15, 2017  Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Centre



Expo & Convention’s Idea:

The main idea of expo is based on the integration of agriculture with the other economic and services activities, which serve to achieve max rates of development on the basis of distinguished government initiatives by the President currently, which aim at the rapid achievement and the achievement of highest development rates as soon as possible, contributing in the achievement of tangible results for the serving of community’s youth and cadres.


Components of (Logistic) Integrated Agricultural System:

The agricultural industry includes many components which lead at the end to a moderate price safe and healthy food for man. This requires that there shall be an integration at the different phases from the beginning of agriculture to the final form in which it is introduced to man as healthy and safe food with lowest prices. This may lead to the opening of more world markets for the exportation of agricultural products all over the world through the following phases:

First: Agriculture using technology:

This requires the use of:

1-    Technologies of best use of pesticides and chemical and biological fertilizers.

2-    Technologies of seeds, hybridization and genetic engineering processors and vegetable and fruit seedlings.

3-    Technologies of latest methods of soil sterilization.

4-    Technologies of non-soil intensive agriculture (Barely Breeding).

5-    Technologies of processing of water used, irrigation methods and water conservation.

6-    Technologies of renewable energy (wind energy- solar energy).

7-    Technologies of processing of water wells, sewage and re-use of processed water on the non-conventional agriculture.  (Jojoba-Jatropha- Castor-Casuarina)


Second: Technologies for the re-use of irrigation water and agricultural wastes in the following:

1-    Technologies for the livestock, poultry and fisheries.

2-    Technologies for the re-use of agricultural waste and the re-cycling thereof on charcoal products, fabricated wood, natural fertilizers and power and gas generation.


Third: technologies for the food processing of agricultural crops:

1-    They require production lines of food manufacturing, the packing, and cooling and freezing of some crops of vegetables and the packing and storing of other crops that are hard to be directly marketed.


Fourth: technologies of transportation and marketing:

1-    The products shall be marketed to local and global markets through (land-air) transmission lines for the sake of facilitation of transmission to local and global markets.



1-    Availability of services for the technical and administrative labors necessary for the implementation of this system using the available raw materials in the field of special services  through the providing of means of subsistence and residence and the education, and health and entertainment services.


     With my best wishes

      Maher Alkhodairy  /General Manger


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