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Captain peasants: the union has nothing to do with politics and there are artificially expensive crops

Systems since few "delegation Salon" meeting on the Egyptian peasant problems in the light of current developments, the presence of Dr. Omar Saleh expert Organization FAO Food and Agriculture, and Mr. Mohamed Estate head of the union of farmers, Mr. Hassan Musa and Deputy Undersecretary of the Agriculture Committee House of Representatives.
And participated in the meeting, a large number of peasants and farmers Msrlard their problems, where Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ibrahim, assistant chief of the Wafd Party, the Egyptian farmers have suffered a lot and had no problems in irrigation and fertilizer, marketing and value rental leased lands, extends its effects every Egyptian house.
For his part, Dr. Mohamed Fouad, a member of the House of Representatives and the official spokesman of the Wafd Party, the Wafd Party does not represent certain circles, or meet the demands of certain individuals, and that it adopts all opinions, and that the House of Representatives will discuss the peasants coming weeks, the problems, and, if required to change some legislation to protect their rights this will be done.
As a student Mohamed Estate captain in the peasantry, to hold legislative revolution in the Ministry of Agriculture laws, since the current laws work since the sixties of the last century, and that he can not blame the current minister for non-existing laws validity, pointing out that some of the staff of the ministry manipulating laws for the benefit of themselves, and the union has nothing to do with politics, but it went thanks and appreciation to any political entity Bafilah cares, and that the union is willing to reach out to those who wish to cooperate with them.
Captain peasants explained that the farmer sells commodity that has a very cheap price and his wife bought at double the price, demanding to disclose who cause exaggerated rise of agricultural crops in the markets, and calling it Balglae artificial, noting that the workers and peasants are bear those burdens, and bet it was on that layer in the November 11 calls for demonstrations in order to destroy the home, but they refused to do so.
He called "Real Estate" the need to work hard to solve the problems of the farmer, the most important provision of a successful marketing policy, stressing that the imported sugar caused the inability of the sugar companies in marketing their production, causing sugar crisis and paying peasants to make numerous complaints of the union in this regard