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Using algae extracts and seaweed

Use algae extract and seaweed to improve growth and quality

Horticultural Crops ... A Step Towards a Sustainable Agricultural System.


• God has created the seas and oceans and rivers and make them a source of many treasures and benefits that modern science is still discovering the benefits and secrets of this strange world Algae and seaweed is one of the secrets of this wonderful world, which must be used is a semi-vegetarian living organisms.

Algae are chlorophyllic triad plants with no real roots, stalks or leaves living in seawater, fresh water, and high humidity. They grow strongly with mineral elements available in the sea.

And differ between them from the infinitesimal that consists of a single cell, can not be seen only by the microscope .. And from them

the giant .

The growth of these algae is renewed every year thanks to the variety of species, and show their buds during autumn and winter, and complete growth in the period from February to May each year .. They are as diverse as wild plants to this collection of monster to benefit from them does not upset the balance Biological water biology.

And can be limited to about twenty thousand species of algae .. It is green, blue, yellow, brown, brown and others.

The importance of algae and seaweed is due to:

As a food source in some coastal areas of the world and is a source of food for many aquatic animals, wild and feed for livestock and poultry. Brown, red and green algae are a rich source of some of the fertilizer elements after drying or extraction because they contain a large proportion of substances to stimulate growth and amino acids and some minor elements The algae is one of the most important sources of oxygen on the surface of the earth, where scientists estimate that about 50% of photosynthesis takes place in the spleen It is a source of oxygen in the water of the sea and plays a large role in reducing the proportion of ammonia water as it works to absorb it to benefit from its growth and thus purify the water from ammonia and algae has an important role in the treatment of sewage, where the algae provide oxygen produced in the process of photosynthesis necessary for the bacteria that work The oxidation of organic matter in those waters (thus playing an important role as a vital filter in water) and the involvement of algae in some industries such as the manufacture of ice cream, toothpastes, detergents, deodorants, nail dyes and in many food industries, Of intervention in the structures of medicines, cosmetics and natural growth organizations such as Similarities Alcetochinin and Albatayen.

* This opens the door for us to benefit from many types of beneficial and non-toxic seaweeds and seaweed available in our coasts, GTA and others in the field of improving agricultural production and other industrial fields.

• The most important types of algae that can be used in the field of agriculture are [Esco Filmm Nodizem - Laminaria - Sargasum - Vioxx] and also characterized by these types:

Contains Fucoxanthin dye.

2. The food is stored as a carbohydrate substance, Laminarin (a soluble sugar in the cytoplasm containing

On mannitol and glucose).

3. The wall consists of cellulose and algin.

4. This group of algae contains:

Natural growth regulators

Stimulants and stimulants

Amino acids


Nutritious and useful ingredients

Cytokinein similarities


Indole Acetic Acid


Andol Bioteric Acid (IBA)

Oligo Scarsides Alginic Acid Laminarin



Methyl pentosane

Glycine - Alain - Valeen - Methionine - Isolucin - Threonine - Cysteine ​​- Phenylalanine - Cyrene - Sryonin - Lysine - Glutamic - Aspartic - Arginine Hydroxyproline


(Vitamin B1)

Ribo Flavin B2 Vit

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C -

Organic Nitrogen





Would like



• We discuss here the most important scientific explanations for the effect of algae and seaweed extracts on the efficiency and growth of various crops:

First :-

• Containing natural growth regulators (eg cytokinin-similarities and alginates such as "indole acetic acid-betanine-indole bioteric acid")

It works on the following:

To prevent the fall of leaves and flowers and fruits, and to prevent yellowing of its positive effect on the protein and retention of chlorophyll and prevent the decomposition, and encourage the division of cells and promote the growth of roots, and increase the storage capacity of some paper crops as in lettuce and parsley has been found to reduce the rate of respiration some Paper crops help to store them as in asparagus and saline

Second :-

It contains stimulants and growth stimulants (alginic acid, laminarin, mannitol, phyocodane, methyl pentosane) and the natural organic substances which make up the following:

• It is an improved soil material by increasing its exchange capacity in the case of soil addition.

• Increase the preparation of active bacteria in soils, which improves absorption efficiency.

• Spraying with algae extracts improves the efficiency of metabolism within the paper by increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis.

• It has been found that spraying with algae extracts increases the ability of some plants to tolerate insect infections such as red spider, as well as certain types of fungal fungi. It also reduces the incidence of some soil diseases such as nematodes when injected with irrigation water

Third :-

Algae and seaweed contain a range of compounds responsible for immunity and activation such as

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