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Cultivation of surfaces - Agriculture without soil



Cultivation of surfaces (agriculture without soil)

Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar ... Researcher at the Research Center
Cultivation of the roofs .. In the sense of agriculture without soil, the start of the subject to take Shaw media in the recent period at the level of Egypt and countries specifically from 10 to 15 years ago
Soilless agriculture is intended to exclude land, whether silt or sand, as a medium for plant growth and plant development in a solid medium or water
If you tell someone that you will be planting his roof, he thinks at first glance that the house will be destroyed if plants are planted on the roof of a house. Old houses may be dilapidated. There is fear because of the dilapidation of old houses. Only if the ordinary citizen is reassured that there is no fear of the subject mainly because there will be no water and ensure the safety of the building from the leakage of water or loads, and it is important to ensure the building from the leakage of water because all the systems that we will explain will not leak water to the building

And the accountability of loads on the roof of the building belong to the masters of architects, available on the square meter of concrete about 150 kilos and any system of farming systems does not exceed 70 to 80 kilo ... The project of surface farming is very safe and the educational buildings proved safe.

Benefits of soilless farming:

Urban development in the recent period as the establishment of a city in the desert as an example, the land in such cities rocky not suitable for agriculture, production workers in the new city need vegetables and food, from here we think of agriculture without soil.

We all remember the subject of planting without soil, you remember the experience of the first lesson with the share of science when the teacher attend Bartman with a fluid and put a bulb to plant, this cultivation without soil, this kind of agriculture without soil, now the subject evolved and the outlook differed, agriculture now is not in the sense that conversion The surface is now a productive product, the current economic conditions of water shortage, especially the Gulf countries are now farming without soil ..

In Egypt, the water problem has already begun and Egypt is turning towards highlighting agriculture without soil


There are environmental, health and social benefits. It is important that we talk to the lady of the house, but it is not a bit of education, to make it clear to her that agriculture without soil is tangible. We tell her that oxygen is enough for the individual, but tell her to plant an existing pepper. to her

The removal of the surface from the neglected surface of the plants (filter) pulls the carbon dioxide gives oxygen, and how to educate young people and children, and linking them to the house, the theme of giving a good yield and benefits for agriculture without soil

Another important scientific benefit is that agriculture without soil I study the effect of some elements and easily and is useful in scientific research


Methods of cultivation without soil

If a young man wants to set up the project for agriculture without roofs, is the purpose to meet the needs of the family or an economic project that differs from one youth to another, whether an economic project or self-sufficiency of vegetables for the family

If the project is to meet the needs of the family, we should inform the next person about the project by choosing inexpensive materials so as not to incur a large economic burden, with the dimensions of the formation of the wood base for soilless cultivation (with the main exception being the lack of water leakage) or agriculture in any available plastic containers.

Care should be taken to remove the water so as not to affect the surfaces due to water leakage, and planting anything you need in the house, whether radish, scallop, parsley, eggplant or zucchini, which the family needs for consumption of vegetables.

If the subject as an economic project generates income for the young man here things are different, whether the wood or pipes, if the agriculture tables wood must adhere to the scientific dimensions, meters in the height of 20 cm and height of 60 on the surface of the earth fixed,

We assumed that there are 20 wooden tables should adhere to the scientific dimensions because the irrigation by hand wrong here I had to do the work Rtqt here must be at all levels one so as not to be cumbersome to the person of the project must be there drip irrigation network,

As an example there is a doctor wants to build a system of irrigation drip irrigation and may not be available for a person for days we have done the system Btaimer water meter to avoid the problem ..

Economic Project We cultivate non-traditional vegetable crops that are not known to everyone and generate economic profit

Some crops as a result of our experiences such as French Gravies are the number one economic, and in the winter from October to May, the cabbage, the power and the cabocha, we must search for quick projects that generate profit.


There is in the Al-Ahram article published an article that if you want to be a millionaire (I plant the surface of your home strawberries), if (we planted the roof of strawberry houses we will drain the debt of Egypt.

What is going to happen if we planted strawberry strawberry, strawberry period from October 1st until May 8 months, average strawberry seedlings production 800 grams, calculate eight months and place strawberries are not economical, if we compare the sum of the squash that stays in the land for two months, then 4 Courses or 8 courses If we worked the right way, the goal setting is important ..

Red radish is also excellent and bears, as well as the system of the pastures we deal in a piece of meter in meters is not treated the land here we compress the spaces and bear crops, such as French palate, and 90% of our crops now French celery because it has a good economic return per week, red radish as well as good projects It is grown from the first month of October until January.


First we set the goal of agriculture and many existing systems available on the web, first we run our minds before anything, the surface of the surface must be feasible, starting with the lowest possibilities and we have good models so semi-recreational, the cost of the model 1000 pounds and only 25 plants, The maximum number of plants available from agriculture, the number of plants in the unit