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"Agri Business"

Exhibition and Fourth International Conference on Agriculture, Reclamation and Animal Production

From 2-4 April 2018

Exhibition Ground - Nasr City

After the success of the exhibition in the previous three courses in presenting a new vision that contributed to the achievement of the desired goals for both exhibitors and visitors, it had a positive impact on all interested in the agricultural affairs in Egypt was crowned by the opening of the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abdel Moneim El Banna for the third session, And the Deputy Minister of Agriculture for the exhibition in its second session .... The exhibition witnessed an increasing growth of exhibitors from 60 companies in the first round, to 80 companies in the second round, to 110 companies in the third session. We look forward to the participation of 150 agricultural companies in the fourth session. The exhibition is an exhibition that presents an integrated vision for agricultural and productive activities, including the animal, fish and export sectors, and not just the agricultural inputs activity. The exhibition is organized at the beginning of the summer planting season, which makes investors and producers waiting for this event to meet their requirements before the agricultural season began. The main idea of ​​the exhibition and conference depends on the integration of agricultural activity with the rest of the economic and service activities, which help achieve maximum rates of development based on the national initiatives distinguished by the President of the Republic at the present time, which aims to accelerate achievement and achieve the highest developmental return in the shortest possible time Contributes to the achievement of tangible results to serve the youth and cadres of the community.

The exhibition supports the promotion of national projects in the field of reclamation of one and a half million acres, the project of planting 100 thousand greenhouses, the development of the fisheries sector, and the breeding and fattening of a million cattle. The exhibition also embraces the idea of ​​expanding modern agriculture such as jujube, muringa, jatropha, and stevia, as well as a new vision for expansion in agriculture through which we can achieve self-sufficiency and reduce imports such as maize, sugar crops, crops and oily crops, Agricultural and urban projects contribute to the real development of the Egyptian citizen.

Elements of integrated agricultural system (logistics): -

Fields of presentation:

First: Agriculture sectors and their requirements:

1- Techniques for the optimum use of pesticides and chemical and biological fertilizers.

2- Techniques related to seeds, hybridization and genetic engineering as well as vegetable and fruit seedlings.

3- Techniques for the latest methods of sterilization of agricultural soil.

4- Techniques for dense soilless cultivation (barley culture).

5. Techniques for water treatment, irrigation methods and water conservation.

6. Renewable energy technologies (wind energy - solar energy)

7 - Techniques for treatment of well water and wastewater and reuse of treated water in non-traditional crops. (Air Juba - Geitrova - castor - trees Jazweta .......).

8. Technology of agricultural equipment, mechanization and agricultural applications and their applications in the field of agriculture.

Second: Techniques related to livestock and reuse of irrigation water and agricultural waste in the following fields:

1- Techniques related to livestock, poultry and fish resources, and the participation of the authorities responsible for cattle, cattle and international breeds such as the Holstein, and Brown.

2 - Techniques for the manufacture of feed, cereals and raw materials.

3. Techniques for reuse of agricultural waste, recycling in charcoal products, processed wood, natural fertilizers, generation of energy and gases.

Third: Techniques for food processing of agricultural crops that are difficult to market directly:

1- It requires the production lines of food processing, packing, cooling and freezing of some crops from vegetables, while carrying out the packaging and storage of other crops that have difficulty in marketing immediately.

Fourth: - Techniques for transport, marketing and export: -