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Dr. Khaled Yahya, Director of the Central Laboratory of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials


What is Nanotechnology?

Is a science and technique interested in studying the material at the level of the atom, if we arranged the material in a certain way, such as carbon arrangement in the atoms in a random order, if the material is arranged in a certain way can be obtained through coal.


As well as sulfur, the Romans used a mill for very small particles in a certain way in dyeing hair, although it had a toxic effect ... and they died after long periods.

Gold Kano grinding and drawing on the glass Aldahab particles

The Greeks made the nuggets of the nano-gold so that in a certain way if the light fell on the cup from the outside gives a green or red light and from the inside gives a light green or red.

The father of this technique is Richard Fireman, who said that there is room in the room, so that all scientists interested in studying the universe and did not care about the minutes of simple things, the atom.


The beginning of interest in nanotechnology

The interest in nanotechnology in the 1980s began to be noticed in 1981, when IBM wrote in IBM atoms written with nickel on sheets of nickel.

Nanoparticles are small finite particles of 1 S-9 in diameter. If we imagine that the diameter of the head hair is between 50,000 and 80,000 nm, our range in nanotechnology is from 1 to 100.


measruing unit

M - centimeter - millimeter - micrometer - nano - meter



The physical properties are completely different, new and non-existent. The average melting point of gold is 1050 or 1060 degrees Celsius. When we reach the size of fusion to reach this small size we see the melting point of the gold particles reaches 500 degrees Celsius.

Chemical Properties When we reach nanoparticles we may use them as catalysts for chemical processes and chemical reactors reach a very fast image


Also in the electrical properties possible of plastic to have electrical properties and therefore we will save a large size because copper as a very expensive example


Mechanical properties

Currently the head of the digger, which is drilling in the ground and was made of diamonds are currently manufactured from carbon, because it has a hardness out of diamonds, and hence the world is heading for these industries and called the technology of the poor


Optical properties

Gold when we get it to certain sizes in the particles gives different colors, for example 5 nano be red, 10 nano be green and so, different size of the particles is different color




It is faster, stronger and lighter. Now it looks like making the rackets or the edges of the carbon nanotube, we find the racket very strong and light.

As well as the manufacture of wheels of plastic reinforced with nano-metal or carbon nanoparticles YouTube.


Methods of preparation

Two methods

The expression of large particles and grinding and then get the nanoparticles, but is taken in this way that the sizes are different and we can not control the sizes.


The second method is the beginning of atoms

The first control of the atoms and molecules and then build these particles to obtain the nanometer Materal I want, as well as the collection of particles and control in size to get the required size


Preparation methods

The chemist performs his own analyzes, the physiologist uses tools, the biologist uses the plant formula, or the algae, the bacteria or the fungus. Each specialist in the field can prepare in a set of tools.

Physical methods By grinding for long periods we can get the nanoparticles from the material we need.

Biological methods I can prepare a plant extract from which to prepare gold and silver

Bacteria are also possible to prepare gold and silver,


Chemical methods are very many according to the material that I want to prepare with microwave oven through which I can also prepare silver and gold

There is an ultrasonic device that I can prepare these materials

After preparing the material, how do I know that I have reached the size of the nanostructures, we use devices that were not available in the past, including a microscope with a magnification unit of one million units, I can see the shape of the particle, its size and shape, we have a large area of ​​nanometers of 1-100 and different shapes

Depending on each preparation I can get certain materials and have a particular format and see them through Myerscope

Gold may be circular or otherwise as seen under the microscope and I can see the surface arrangement of the material

There is also the Housing Typing Microscope, which is used by IBM to use its name on nickel atoms


If there is zinc, oxide or zinc oxide, you must make sure that you get the zinc or the oxide. The machine knows what I got through the library with an entrance, which reaches the material registered inside it to one million materials. The device even reaches the same material imprint

If it is a pure substance, I can show my own work, and this device determines the purity of my material.


VSM device

I use iron in soil because the modern uses of nanotechnology are using ZeroVilent, which is iron and its magnetism power is higher than the ordinary magnet. Therefore, I see the magnetic force of the material that it used.

All the devices are in our lab and all the researchers, whether pharmaceutical, medicine or agriculture, we have in the laboratory and available to the researchers.


This technique is now used in all fields such as medicine, energy, agriculture and all fields. For example, Dr. Al-Mustapha Al-Sayyed uses gold particles in cancer treatment and is also used in the treatment of bones. He now uses calcium and phosphorus in bone therapy. Energy uses nanotechnology in solar cells and energy. Solar, in beverages and food, in MST