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Agri Bussines


Solar Technology Systems – Solatech

Smart farm

Nile For Supplies

Company Profile: Bashayer ....... The first agricu

Knowledge Economy Foundation "Bashayer"

Egyptian Association for wooden trees and environm

Ministry of Agriculture General Administration of

Ahlia Company for agricultural supplies and produc

Eng. Ahmed Younis For Barley Cultivation

Nefertari Biomagnetic "Nefertari for salt water fa

Dream Factory


Lunar nurseries

Desert Research Center

Mohamed Zaki Agricultural Supplies

Chemical Trading & Marketing

Future Modern

Einshams for agricultural development

Semady Global for Agricultural trading and fertil

El Gamal International Trade Co.

Smart farm

Delta Water for magnetic water treatment


Tal El Zohour Industrial For Plastic Products

Baraka To produce compost

Haggan Group

Nawras Drip For Advanced Irrigation Systems

Eng. Mansy company for Engineering Industries and

Egyptian saudian Co. for organic& chemical agricul

Agricultural Bank of Egypt

Abu Zaabal Specialty Chemicals

Arab Trading Company

Technical Center for Manufacturing (centech)

Agrico International

Kafr El Zayyat Pesticides Company


Alnhr Alkhaled for Agriculture Development Import


Al Ahram Drib For Modern Irrigation Systems


Agricultural Bank of Egypt



Agricultural Bank of Egypt

023327117 – 33327259

Nady El Seid Field - El Dokki

State: Republic of Egypt

Company Profile: -


The Agricultural Bank of Egypt and the branches of the Bank are the first specialized in the Arab Republic of Egypt in supporting and financing farmers and sustainable development in support of the achievement of financial coverage in the Republic. The Bank aims continuously to achieve its added value to the national economy by deepening the financial coverage of the society and developing the agricultural sector by providing integrated packages of banking services To meet the needs of our customers using modern technology and applied to banking systems. The Bank also gives absolute importance to the implementation of the state policy aimed at empowering  
young people and rural women by expanding the financing of projects. Islamic banking and-blood savings of all kinds - issuing electronic debit cards (Investment - Islamic) delay of assets and vacant places - financing of cars of all kinds - personal loans with the guarantee of salaries transferred - the adoption of a document - letters - money  
transfer in and out of the republic - integrated finance financing for all projects large, medium and small and small  
and small Guarantee - Gas financing for houses and commercial shops - Finance of biogas projects - Financing of  animal and poultry production projects