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Abu Zaabal Specialty Chemicals Company





Abu Zaabal Specialty Chemicals Company

Abu Zaabal Country - Qalub - PO Box 11 Heliopolis - Cairo

0226265088 / 0226265085


- Company Profile:

Bu Zaabal Chemical Company was established in 1950. In 1959, the company introduced the industry of dynamite to meet the needs of mines and quarries as well as the needs of oil exploration and major construction projects.

One of the outstanding achievements in this field is the high dam project, which was used in the construction of 12,000 tons of dynamite produced by the company. Scientific research efforts led to the development of Egyptian technologies for the manufacture of certain specialized chemicals such as anesthesia, industrial nitrocellulose for the paint industry, - Sunflower), natural palm oil, and industrial detergents for various purposes.

And products of Abu Zaabal company on a global level in terms of quality and ISO 9002 certified and covers the export programs of the company Arab sister countries and the Middle East

Abu Zaabal Company has a specialized training center that covers the training needs of the Arab Republic of Egypt and sister countries in the fields of chemical industry and explosive technology. The company also provides its services in the fields of engineering and design work for industrial and chemical projects.

Abu Zaabal Chemical Products Fertilizer Factory 18 Harbi, High Potassium Fertilizer and Balanced Fertilizer