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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

Arab Trading Company

Arab Company for Modern Agriculture Service



Arab Company for Modern Agriculture Service

Meeting of the axis of 26 July with the road of Egypt Alexandria Desert Kalio entrance 26 -5 ki Company site _ Giza


- Company Profile:

The company specializes in the production of the finest mango varieties according to the specifications provided by the mango experts in South Africa, which emphasizes the sweetest seedlings of all diseases such as (agglomerates, flowers, acaruses and root torsions)

Production of summer orange seedlings - Bisrh - Joseph Baladi - Sinai - Lemon Ali assets Volka Mariana

Production of fruit seedlings (peach - apricot) and grape seedlings

The company has a scientific center for the establishment and design of farms and giving farms general guidance to meet the dangers faced by mango such as frost