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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

Arab Trading Company

Egypt Russia Company




Egypt Russia Company


Gharbia Tanta 4 El - Muttaf Street in front of Cultural Palace 5th Floor

Name of the Chairman of the Board of Directors (Ahmad Nabih Abdel Hakam Al-Batli)

who are we :

Egypt Russia for Investment and Agricultural Development is one of the companies of ANB Group for Investment and Development

The largest companies for the reclamation of desert lands and their cultivation and export their production abroad

A multinational joint stock company with Egyptian, Russian, Indian and Saudi investments

25/9/2014 and registered tax No. 935/577/479 and has the certificate of ISO 9001 and 2200. The company includes a group of experts in the field of land reclamation and technicians, whether Egyptians or foreigners The company also has a huge fleet of equipment and machinery in the field of agricultural reclamation

Future Plan:

The company's future business plan is based on the expansion of projects at the level of Egypt, based on our internal capabilities and the use of the best international expertise houses. The most important challenges facing the land reclamation sector in Egypt are the availability of land at suitable prices and planning, building its infrastructure and studying its costs. In light of the economic growth experienced by the country.

The company's future prospects are healthy, as most of the growth promises and plans are achievable based on the company's already high levels of local and external differences and the company is in full swing to achieve its future goals to double its current sales over the next three years.