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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

Arab Trading Company

El Azami Group For Packaging



El Azami Group For Packaging


Industrial Area _ Qalyub / Qalyubiya


Experts in the manufacture of cylindrical cartons easy to open alternative to the health and health of the packaging sheet, plastic and other packages

Company Features:

1 - These packages are characterized by the treatment of the inside of the polyethylene layer of polyethylene and the bottom of the processor + cover Easy opeh - peel off

2. It is characterized as safer for health than plastic and non-stick containers because it has food treatment

3 - It is easy to print on any design in multiple colors up to 6 colors with the possibility of Silvan Oyo layer in the printing

4 - characterized by light weight than other packages

5. Characterized as being less expensive than other packagings

6. All food products are used for powder and reagents 

7. It is also used for all agricultural products in the form of powder

8. It is also used for veterinary medicine products

9. The packaging is also used as a portfolio for other products

Such as perfumes, oils, creams and all cosmetics

10. The packaging is also used for tissue paper and many other products

11 - It is characterized in the availability of all sizes are customized according to customer demand, including the following internal breakfast such as

42 mm-52 mm-65 mm-73 mm-84 mm-99 mm-127 mm-153 mm

12 - Any height required by customer is available from 6 cm to 40 cm with any diameter required