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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

Arab Trading Company

Sidari Company



Sidari Company


Matrouh _ Ministry of Agriculture building - extended association

Matrouh Association for the Development of Desert Cultures (extended)

Vision of the Association:

The association aims to become a model for a farmer-based organization that enables them to optimize marketing for all fresh products, implement the required traceability and export standards, develop a brand and register the geographical indicator

Message of the Association:

Provide timely and high quality agricultural services and provide jobs in the agricultural sector for young people of both types and deal directly with the constraints that hamper small farmers in Matruh

To achieve this, work has been done with the project of the geographical indicator of the agricultural products of Matrouh Governorate, which is implemented by the Environment and Development Center for the Arab Region and Europe (Cedari). The Desert Research Center is funded by the European Union

Joint Program for Agricultural Development - Italian Cooperation. This is aimed at

Increase the opportunities for sustainable marketing of Matrouh's agricultural products by applying a package of good agricultural practices to improve the living conditions of rural resorts.

Fields of Association:

The Association uses the entry of value chains and building companies with the private sector through its work in the following areas:

Provision of plant production requirements for fig, olive and grape crops in Matrouh

Support and train farmers to produce agricultural products that meet farmers' specifications and profitability.

Marketing through the work of private sector contracts and participation in local and international exhibitions and providing direct sales outlets

Registration of the geographical indicator of fig, olive and grape crops

Provide a refrigerated transport vehicle to maintain fresh products during transportation

The development of olive presses

Providing high quality fig, grape and olive oil according to quality standards