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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

Arab Trading Company

Plage and Grow



Plage & Grow is a technology development company that offers innovative solutions to address the challenge of food security and the conservation of water and environmental resources. Through advanced agricultural techniques and creative engineering designs, we are able to increase the production of food crops while ensuring the highest quality.

Plage and Grow delivers its operational systems ready for intensive hydroponic (aquaponics) and fresh and salt water intensive fish farming, along with all relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs) and optimized operational scenario.

Plage & Grow offers its clients a wide range of experienced consultants to provide farmers with the necessary technical guidance (both on site and remotely) to use the most efficient methods to achieve the best results at all times.

Plage and Grow provides training programs designed for operators and workers for all types of systems that the company provides.

Plage and Grow offers its customers services of supplying all types of operating materials ranging from seedlings to feeding solutions, biological pest management equipment and supplies.

Plug’n’Grow – Middle East

·         Mobile: +201119839081

     Office:   +20-2-24696045

     Address: Ahmed Orabi Agricultural Corporation ,line 6 North, Plot No.179,Obour City ,Egypt.