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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

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Megatronic Company



- Megatronic Control and Energy Company Limited was established and began to appear in the Egyptian market in the field of solar energy and industrial control solutions and specialized in installing and supplying solar systems. Standard The company is also distinguished as the exclusive agent for major international companies specialized in the manufacture of solar energy products such as KSTAR specializing in the manufacture of current transformers for networked systems, I SOLAR VFD, BSB, and SONCON.

Company areas


Alternative Energy Solutions: The co

mpany specializes in the supply and installation of various solar energy systems such as grid-connected systems, separate systems from the grid, and solar irrigation systems.

- Industrial control solutions: We supply all automatic control components from sensors and controllers while providing full technical support from the maintenance and programming of industrial systems.

- Tests and operation: The company performs the necessary operating tests for each of the sub-power stations, oil and dry transformers and different electrical generators using the best international testing devices with high quality and work efficiency and a real guarantee.

Training: Megatronic trains young people and graduates from various fields to qualify them to work in the field of solar energy by experts for more than 10 years in vocational training.

Company Branches.

The main branch: 300 El Haram Street - El Ethadia Buildings - Giza

Mobile: 01114494121 - 01116343631- Watts 01111768685

Alexandria Branch: 16 El Tabbakhin Street - France Street - El Mansheya

Mobile: 01117402266 - 01098872042

Sohag Branch: 1 Nasr El-Din Toubar Street - from the western Baja Canal Street - Sohag

Mobile: 01019983810