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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

Arab Trading Company

Al-Santah Feed Group of Companies



Alsenta for import and export Alsentp group of feed

Company profile:

Alsentp for import and export


The company started its activity in 1982 in 

raising fattening chickens in Al-Santah Al-Balad city in Gharbia Governorate, after which they started a long way of continuous work in the field of agricultural investment.After that we started increasing the number of poultry farms and working in the production of poultry feed in the beginning of the eighties in the last century and then the first line for the production of livestock feed at the end of the eighties, followed by many expansions and increased production in the Al-Santah center, then work began on the Cairo-Cairo Desert Road at the beginning of the current century With long years of experience in caring for the animal and knowing its needs, a fodder factory specialized in feeding livestock was established in 2000 to produce fodder to suit the needs of animals of different ages.And it appeared with it the expansion of fattening cattle farms, and because the company's goal is to provide safe food for the people of Egypt everywhere we expanded on fattening chicken farms, mothers' farms are among the best breeds to provide fattening chicks, throughout the year and laying hens farms and a modern factory for the production of poultry feed followed by a slaughterhouse to poultry And thanks to God, success continues with the company's interest in importing calves of breeding for fattening cattle farms from the best global breeds in order to meet the desires of our customers and we also provide technical support for that.