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Agri Bussines

Minister of agriculture during opening Celebratio

Minister of agriculture during visiting Alnakhanee

Arab Trading Company

Sixth of October for agricultural projects




Sixth of October for agricultural projects

Responsible Director: Mr. Abdul Majeed Al-Sadiq Al-Raqiq - Chairman and Managing Director

Address: Ismailia Desert Road - K 89, P.O.Box 25, Salhia - Ismailia

Phone: 06433340731

Fax: 0643340729

Email: info_osap @ yahoo, com


Company Profile: Sixth of October is an Egyptian shareholding company established since 1997 the company owns the largest agricultural project in the Arab Republic of Egypt irrigated by the waters of the Nile River to produce high quality products for local consumption and export.

The project area: 330,551 acres, equivalent to approximately 14,000 hectares

Location: Cairo-Ismailia Desert RoadThe site is close to the most important cities, ports and airports, and is 7 km from Cairo

Port Said Port 11 km

The city of Ismailia (on the Suez Canal) 34 km

Irrigation water: the project depends on irrigation from the Nile water by modern irrigation systems (axial - drip)

Irrigation: 24 hours / 7 days a week

Types of crops: sufficient field crops, types of vegetables - citrus - peanuts - potatoes - dates - honey production - medicinal and modern herbs - fodder

Part of the project is approved by: The Egyptian Center for Biological Agriculture