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Mushroom House




Mushroom House

Welcome to the page of Mushroom House Company for the production and marketing of mushrooms and agricultural investment (27 years experience) in the field of mushrooms.

* To find out the company's fields, phone number and address, read on here:

Company areas are: -

** Create mushroom fungus farms.

** Providing agricultural requirements.

** Contracting to purchase production.

** Practical training and technical follow-up.

** Providing scientific advice and feasibility studies in the field of mushrooms.*** For inquiries about mushrooms projects, contact: -



*** For complaints and customer service, call:


Company headquarters address / 501 Giza Square - in front of the Students Hospital - above the Greater Giza Pharmacy - the first floor Alawi - Apartment (2)

** Working hours: from 10 am to 6 pm daily except (Friday).

*** Important Notes :

1- Mushroom House has a commercial record, tax card and license to practice the profession and has specialists in the field of mushrooms.

2- Mushroom House has no branches other than Giza and its only address is 501 Giza Square in front of the Student Hospital and the top of Greater Giza Pharmacy - the first floor is upper - Apartment 2 and the company carries out its projects in all governorates of Egypt