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 "Agri Business Exhibition" 
Agricultural Investment   tel : 01220002421
27-29 August 2024 - International Fairgrounds – Nasr City – Cairo
 The eighth session of the Agribusiness exhibition will be held under the slogan "Agricultural Investment is the Future of the Nation" during the period from 1 to 3 June at the International Fairgrounds - Salah Salem Road - Nasr City
The exhibition adopts the vision of the Egyptian state in presenting a new strategy for agriculture based on the introduction of national projects aimed at achieving self-sufficiency, exporting agricultural products to global markets and encouraging investors to enter the agricultural sector, especially modern agriculture and strategic and export agriculture. 
Therefore, the exhibition focuses on the following areas:  
- Existing and new agricultural investment projects.
- Investment projects offered for sale by the state.
- Investment projects offered for sale from the private sector.
- Agricultural compound projects based on the cultivation of limited areas. 
- Modern crops such as moringa, jojoba, astvia and spiroina algae 
- Agricultural Industrialization Projects 
- Agricultural production requirements companies (fertilizers - pesticides - seeds - seeds)
- Modern crops such as intensive olive cultivation, Barhi and Medjool palms, soilless crops, such as hydroponics, aquaponics, barley cultivation, saline water treatment projects, and greenhouse production projects  
- New energy projects.
- New Delta Project, National Project for the Production of Vegetable Seeds, National Project for the Development of the Egyptian Countryside. 
- We hope that the exhibition will be one of the most important marketing tools for projects for agricultural investment in Egypt 

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