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Responsible Director : Mr. Sherif Saleh - Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Agri Novatek was established to work in the field of biotechnology transfer, especially in the agricultural field, through a wide range of modern products in the field of plant nutrition from pests and plant diseases, as well as plant nutrition through the latest scientific means
It is used in the field of plant nutrition, and Agree Novatek works through its research and development team to find out the problems of plant production that face its farmer's customers and to search for solutions and modern technologies used in facing these agricultural problems in order to achieve for farmers an increase in the amount of yield and a reduction in production costs and increase the quality of production Vegetation and improvement of plant resistance to environmental stress conditions resulting from inappropriate climatic and natural factors for plant growth, which resulted from global climate change, which led to an increase in water and soil salinity rates, increased exposure to heat stress, frost cases, and the spread of new pests and high-resistance strains of traditional pesticides.
One of the most important goals of Agra Novatek is to contribute to sustainable development processes by developing agricultural production so that it conforms to international specifications while reducing production costs by providing a group of high-quality products that help farmers achieve the highest results at the lowest possible cost.

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: Villa 9 - Entrance 2 - Moshir Ahmed Ismail Street - Seventh District - Obour - Cairo

: ۰۱۰۹۹۲٤۳٤٤۳ / ۰۱۰۲۲۲۲۸٥۹٥

: 01099243443 / 01022228595

: [email protected]

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